The Amazing Health Benefits of Ancient Quinoa

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Ancient Quinoa

Despite what most people think, quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is actually not a grain; it is the seed of a plant that is related to the spinach family. When cooked, quinoa is light, fluffy, slightly crunchy and subtly flavored.

It actually cooks and tastes like a grain, making it an excellent replacement for grains that are difficult to digest or feed digestive disorders like candida (a systemic fungal infection).

But its flavor is only part of why quinoa is such an amazing “supergrain.” Some of the nutrients in quinoa include:

Complete protein. Quinoa contains all 9 essential amino acids that are required by the body as building blocks for muscles.

Magnesium helps relax your muscles and blood vessels and effects blood pressure. Quinoa contains high levels of this vital nutrient.

Fiber. Quinoa is a wonderful way to ensure that you consume valuable fiber that eases elimination and tones your colon.

Manganese and copper. Quinoa is a good source of these minerals that act as antioxidants in your body to get rid of dangerous cancer and disease-causing substances.

Compared to other grains, quinoa is higher in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, and zinc than wheat, barley, or corn.

Studies have shown that quinoa has documented health benefits too! Quinoa, in its whole grain form, may be effective in preventing and treating these conditions: Artherosclerosis, Breast cancer, Diabetes and Insulin resistance. We also recommend quinoa to our clients because it does not feed fungal and bacterial infections in your body (and doctors estimate that 8 in 10 Americans have fungal infections, like candia!).

Researchers attribute the health benefits of quinoa to its complete nutritional makeup. Quinoa is close to one of the most complete foods in nature because it contains amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Quinoa has other qualities that make it an ideal “grain”:

  • Quinoa acts as a prebiotic that feeds the microflora (good bacteria) in your intestines.

  • Quinoa is easily digested for optimal absorption of nutrients, making it ideal for an evening meal.

  • Quinoa is gluten-free and safe for those with gluten intolerance, people on a celiac diet, and for autistic children.


Quinoa is especially easy to cook and can be enjoyed year-round because it’s versatile and light. You can use it in warming winter soups or refreshing summer salads.

NOTE: Make sure you rinse your quinoa and then soak for at least 8 hours to remove the phytic acid that can prevent proper digestion.

Cook quinoa in filtered water, a 1 to 2 ratio, for 15 minutes or less, and it’s ready to mix with a variety of ingredients to create diverse and delicious meals.

Here are some ideas for your next quinoa meal:

  • Mix it with  a little organic milk, organic yogurt or the dairy-free milk of your choice for a hearty, high protein breakfast. You can add granola, raisins, almonds, walnuts, chopped apple, berries, coconut oil or raw honey to taste for a healthy change from oatmeal! Or you can try quinoa flakes for a different texture.

  • Sautee garlic, onions, and spinach with coconut oil to top your quinoa.

  • Make a summery salad by chopping raw carrots, zucchini, cultured vegetables, and onions over quinoa.

  • Use quinoa with vegetable broth and your choice of vegetables for a nutritious soup.

  •  Try our healthy our "Groovy Gravy" recipe as an easy and delicious way to dress up your quinoa and vegetables!We give you a healthy base that you can change up by adding different herbs and spices to it depending on what’s in season, the meal, and your mood!

  • If you love pasta, but are looking for a low-carb or gluten-free alternative, you have found your grain!

  • For those of you that love to bake, or if you just need a healthy flour in the house for sauces and gravies, quinoa flour offers a high-protein and gluten-free alternative to wheat flour.

After making quinoa part of your healthy lifestyle, you will see why the Incas called it the “mother grain”. There are so many wonderful ways to prepare quinoa and enjoy its benefits, we encourage you to be creative and send us your favorite quinoa recipe!